About Us

His  transparency and creativity flow on the hair of the lasy, which seems evident in every time he makes the beauty more than expected. His name is well known. His experience and his ability to create contributed to make him one of the most important hairdressers in Lebanon and the Arab world. Actually, and with the features he introduced to his salon in Verdun, he is able to compete more vigorously and to gain in the end because simply he is very creative and deals with everyone in credibility.

Talal Tabbara began at a young age. He loves drawing and colors and everything related to art and fashion, especially hairdressing. From this place, he entered to the most important institutes in London and Paris, until that he arrived to the first in Lebanon for the new generation and he represented his country in Barcelona, in Spain in 2007 where he earned a good rank, as he received World Certification of the most important:VIDAL SASSOON SANRIZZ.

Talal Tabarra is keen to remain entitled the innovation and the creativity by following the international fashion via his participation in the global festivals with his team as inspired by fashion and develops the same as appropriate for each woman.